Soul Fulfillment

Answer the call of your soul

Your soul is calling you.  It’s tugging and pulling at you, informing you that you are meant for so much more.  You have something inside you that you need to share with the world.  

It’s time to answer the call of your soul…. 

I remember being exactly where you are right now.  That tugging feeling so deep inside of me.  I knew I was meant for more.  I knew that I had something great to share with the world.

The problem was, I was trying to do it all on my own.  Blindly following what everyone else was doing.

I thought if I stepped out and showed who I really was, told the stories I had, that I had kept from everyone, everyone would run from me screaming.

But you know where that mentality got me…. stuck in the grey sea of everyone else.  I couldn’t figure out why I was not finding my clients and my business was taking so long to build.

Then one day everything changed, the lightbulb went off and I realized PEOPLE WILL COME TO ME BECAUSE OF ME AND ALL MY CRAZYINESS.

That goes for you too!  Your clients will flock to you because of who you are.  You stand out from the crowd by embracing who you are.  Those little quirks that some people hate, embrace them that is what your people are looking for.

Imagine for a minute being able to be your silly, loud, assertive, crazy, talkative self and people appreciating that about you.  People coming to you because they are drawn to who you are and because you take up space.  You show up unapologetically and become a lighthouse for those who want to do the same thing.

When you begin standing in who you are, your business will take off.

That is exactly why I designed SOUL FULFILLMENT.   

Everything you need is already inside of you.  If a dream was placed in your soul, then the road map is there too. 

You just have to be confident enough to hear it, to pay attention to it and to trust yourself enough to follow wherever your soul leads you.  

Who this program is for~  

 Women Entrepreneurs 

Women who are ready to be all in

Women ready to OWN THEIR CALLING

Women who want change NOW! 

What’s in it for you~  

This is a 12 week group coaching program led by Aimey G.  

You will get a hour 1:1 call with Aimey the first week followed by 11 group calls where you will join other women who are able to relate with where you are.  You will be in a group full of supportive like minded women on the same path.

Group coaching is a powerful tool because you get not only me but each other.  This builds community and your tribe of support which every entrepreneur needs.

Date of Program: January 17, 2022- April 4, 2022

Start your new year off with Soul Fulfillment

What’s the investment in myself?

Early Bird Rates: (Ends 12/30/2021)

Paid in Full ~ $1,750   or  4 Monthly Payments ~ $444/month 

After 12/30/2021

Paid in Full ~$2k  or  4 Monthly Payments ~ $555/month


Who am I?  

I am Aimey G.  growth mindset coach.  I work with entrepreneurs and women who feel the pull in their soul to be more than who they currently are.  Women who know there is greatness inside of them but need a little help finding it.   

Come be apart of my world, I’ll have you believing in yourself and doing all kinds of things you never thought possible.