My Story

Hey!!!  I’m Aimey a growth mindset coach.  After years of taking care of everyone and becoming who “I thought I should be”, I was left feeling like a shell of a person.  Like I was meant for so much more but I didn’t know exactly what.

I took time exploring what got me excited and really dug into personal development.  What I didn’t realize before is, when I work on myself and become the best version of myself I subconciously give others the same permission.  As women alot of us are taught to take care of others and put ourselves last but who actually benefits from that.

Then I discovered the world of coaching my life was forever changed.  I knew deep inside my soul that this-this was exactly what I was being called to do.

 Yes Ma’am You Can!

It has been placed inside you for a reason.

Your time is now. Step into your calling and experience soul fulfillment.

My Method

I guide woman entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of becoming clear on their calling, taking inspired action to live a soul fulfilled life.

Yes, I say soul fulfilled because you are meant to be fulfilled on every level, complete fulfillment~ Soul Fulfillment.

Come be apart of my world, I’ll have you believing in yourself and doing all kinds of things you never thought possible.