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I’m Aimey

I help toddler moms who feel they have lost themselves create a life full of passion and purpose. It was not too long ago I was in this same boat, searching for help anywhere I could find it.  After years of searching I realized what I was looking for was right in front of me.  Now I help moms that were in the same boat as me get through to the other side.  


What if you didn’t have to have all the answers?  What if you just knew you wanted to stay home with your little ones AND have a business you could run from home?  What if you have no idea what your passion and purpose even is?
That’s where I come in.  I guide you through your journey to find your passion and purpose, teach you important principles to elevate your mind, and work with you to put systems in place to make the life you desire a reality.
Having a coach speeds up the process, allowing you to get from where you are now to where you want to be more quickly, a shortcut if you will.   It’s like having a map to your destination instead of trying to find it by yourself.  This is not to say that everything will be easy, the process can be difficult at times and work will need to be put in but the other side is beautiful, more beautiful than you can imagine right now.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and live the life you desire, let’s set up a discovery call and get you started on your path.  



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What They Say

“Aimey is very positive and supports growth and personal development of women especially moms who want to gain an identity and goals outside being wife and a mom. She mentors and directs you towards the life you want by using all the tools at her disposal to develop a personal plan for you and your goals and aspirations. I’m very glad to have her in my life.

Aimey is always positive and supports personal development of women especially moms. I have struggled after having kids to gain my identity and goals outside being a wife and a mom. She helps direct you towards the goals in life you want especially after because a mom and feeling lost. It has been a pleasure having her in my life she always has a smile and positive words!

It has been great getting to know Aimey and watching her travel on the path to self-awareness and growth. She is a wonderful resource to have because she has done the hard work herself. She knows that the journey to finding your authentic self can be challenging at times. However, she also knows how amazing it can feel to work through the hard parts. Aimey is able to support and guide so easily because she is nonjudgmental and always remembers that a little humor can help in a big way! If you are mom looking for your passion or just trying to find your whole self within this role of motherhood I believe Aimey will be very helpful on your journey.

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